About Me

  • Eunbin Jeong, as known as Dalgona.
  • What I can do / what I have done:
    • C++ modern, C#
    • HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript vanillabasic
    • Elixir
    • Ruby & Ruby on Rails beginner
    • Linux DebianArch
    • Korean native, English advanced
  • I'm also a bedroom DJ!
    • Equipment: Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 and DDJ-400
    • Favorite Genre: Happy Hardcore 😆
    • Listen or Watch: [Mixcloud] [YouTube]


  • Mar 2013 ~ Feb 2019
    Seoul National University of Science and Technology
    B.S. of Computer science and engineering


Last updated: 20 Jun 2023

Projects are listed in no particular order. Some of them are being actively developed, others are not maintained anymore.


Yet another simple static website generator, written in Elixir.


A family of modern TrueType fonts based on an old-but-good Korean bitmap font.

JUMOGraduation projectC#.NETWPF

JUMO: Uncomplicated Music studiO. Simple digital audio workstation (DAW) application


A simple static web server written in Elixir, originated from Serum.


A simple program that monitors your followings and marks them as online, away, or offline.

Elm Binary ClockElmToy project

My first Elm application.

IDWDANYA!!!🐱ElmToy project

IDW (Girl's Frontline) Producing Simulator written in Elm


Elixir implementation of BaseHangul, the human-readable binary encoding.


Korean Translation of Elixir SchoolElixirTranslation

Have translated Elixir School into Korean with other collaborators. "Lessons about the Elixir programming language" https://elixirschool.com